MOTIV8U of North Central Florida, Inc. is a community-based, motivational training company that provides inspirational and engaging training programs to our public and private partners, various organizations, businesses, and educational institutions, with a focus geared towards serving our youth.

We help individuals understand their personal value, as well as the value of others. As a result of what we do, participants will have a better understanding of who they are; build on individual strengths; identify areas of ineffectiveness, and improve their ability to relate to others.

Motivational Training

Speakers should connect with the audience. One of my strengths is helping audience members see how they are able to adapt the message to their situation.

We offer 30 minutes, where we can serve as classroom speakers, to a full-day for corporate in-service and team building programs.

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Enrichment Programming

We exist to affirm the greatness of others through communicating the U*R IMPT (You Are Important) message. Available for schools, youth organizations, church youth groups and work teams.

We offer customizable programs that can consist of a one-hour session, a single day session, an eight-week or full year of highly interactive, curriculum-based programming aimed at motivating, educating and equipping your group.

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There are some skills that position every individual to succeed, regardless of age and arena, Learn the skills and master them and experience success, wherever you are and whatever you do.

We partner with you to help you create the culture that you desire for your organization.

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Living L.A.R.G.E.-Upper Elementary-High School

Everyone is capable of becoming a person of worth. Why? Because the skills that allow one to do so are available to all. The reason that many succeed in their designed purpose is because they learn the skills. In the Living L.A.R.G.E. program, you, too, can learn what it takes to become the person you were destined to become. This program takes participants on a journey of self-discovery and realization.

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The Country’s Leading Relationship Education Curriculum-Middle/High School Students

REAL Essentials Advance is the country’s leading relationship education curriculum. It is specifically designed to equip adults to teach young people skills for combating challenges they face in adolescence. Lesson content captivates the heart and directs students toward positive decision making. The sexual health components of REAL Essentials Advance are SRA (Sexual Risk Avoidance) approved. All lessons are inclusive, evidence based and medically accurate.

Activities prepare students to better understand and address: 

• Their individual identity and how it impacts relationships
• How to recognize and respect differences in others
• Effective communication techniques for navigating conflict and expressing oneself
• How to develop healthy dating strategies and ideas for staying connected with good friends
• Safe social media guidelines and viewing advertisements through an accurate lens
• Creating vision and applying it to future dreams and success
• The benefits of commitment and marriage
• Developing leadership skills for gaining future employment and keeping a job
• Sex in the context of love and its effect on whole person health.

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iMatter-uMatter-weMatter-Ages K-5

Promoting self-worth and positive mental health by equipping youth with the tools to identify and navigate their emotions. 

* Identify emotions based on nonverbal
* Demonstrate healthy ways of     
   expressing emotions. 
* Identify strategies to cope with
   difficult emotions.

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